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Infertility clinical diagnosis technology leading

For 34 years the hospital has to bear the domestic more than 80 research projects, and bilateral cooperation project WHO 24. Which was the national award 1,ministerial award 11, the provincial award 24, the provincial department level award 19. Many times in international academic meeting discussion, and actively promote the development of reproductive health, and constantly to scientific research to clinical application. The hospital was in 2007 in the "EU Chinese floating population reproductive health survey" research project, as the lead unit Chengdu area project group, took two years to complete the international scientific research task, EU officials. Since then, the hospital were invited to participate in the China hernia and abdominal wall surgery Professional Committee of Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University organized the "male hernia repair and reproductive function protection" of the multi center scientific research cooperation projects; the hospital was also invited to participate in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital and the state Family Planning Commission organized the "male menopause reproductive health survey" the National Center for scientific research cooperation projects, as the only medical institutions in Sichuan area project team members.

The development of hospital

In 1985 the hospital was founded
In 2003 was named the safeguard the interests of consumers point of supervision units<
In 2005 took the lead in the development of hysteroscopy combined with (USA COOK) guidewire recanalization
In 2007 2007 year integrity 100 brand exhibition unit
In 2008 the year 2008 "the most technical strength of hospital"
In 2009 and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College Hospital blood transfusion institute cooperation technique for the detection of HLA-Dr antibody
In 2011 2011 annual reproductive health and infertility professional academic progress meeting
In 2012 the successful development of the first laparoscopic gynecologic operation combined with cholecystectomy.
In 2013 April, institutions to establish a "test tube baby one-stop services".